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8 Minimalist Habits I've Learned Since Living in a Small Space

Did you know the average American lives in a 2000 square foot home? I know that isn’t most New York apartments, but that’s a pretty decently sized home.

When we made the decision to move to a smaller home of 998 square feet from a home of 2600 square feet, we knew that we would have to change the way we were living. Part of what we wanted to do was also live a more minimalist lifestyle - to be able to spend more time on the things we loved, and less time decluttering, organizing and cleaning.

We’ve been living minimally for around a year now, and have learned some habits that help to keep our lives happy and our home minimalist, and I wanted to share them with you to help in your pursuit of living a more minimalist life.

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10 Things we Learned from Marie Kondo

We are big fans of Marie Kondo and her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Not just because she’s just so wonderful, or that her book is so succint and easy to understand - but because it is a system that works so well.

While she’s not the only source of learning how to declutter and live a minimalist life, she does it in a way that just is so easy and so simple.

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10 Tips for Decluttering your Kitchen

In our house, the kitchen is probably one of the areas that we spend the most time in. Whether we’re cooking or drinking coffee or baking or putting away groceries, it’s a very high traffic area, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important for it to be decluttered.

When your kitchen is decluttered, it makes life easier. Cooking dinner, doing dishes and keeping it clean is less of a hassle, and it provides more space for you to work without having to bump into things or rifle through drawers.

Having just decluttered our kitchen, here are some things that we discovered that are both easy and powerful ways of making your kitchen a tidy and organized place.

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