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Entertaining Basics: Glassware

When it comes to glassware, there are several types of people:

1) The people who use plastic disposable cups. 

2) The people who use mismatched pint glasses and bachelorette party wine glasses  

3) The people who use uniform glassware 

If you’ve been reading with us a while, you might make a wild guess to know that we’re all about option #3. Not a big surprise I know :D

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10 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Thanksgiving

One of the things that we love about Thanksgiving is that it’s a big meal with a big table.

Something you may not know about us is that we did floral design for weddings - which has contributed to our love of setting a table and throwing events.

While we admit that we like to go a bit over the top for Thanksgiving to make a beautiful tablescape and create an amazing experience for our guests, there are a lot of easy and beautiful ways to create an elegant atmosphere for your guests. Here are some of our favorite tips

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10 Autumnal Flowers for Arranging and Enjoying At Home

Autumn is our favorite time of year for many reasons, but our most favorite reason is because of the floral arrangements that we can make now! After months and months of sunflowers and dahlias and summery arrangements, it’s now time for autumnal arrangements. I’m talking grasses, seedheads, deep bold colored flowers with burgundy, bronze, gold, rust and pumpkin shades of colors that we’ve been waiting all year long to use.

We wanted to share some of our favorites for this time of year with you, so let’s get this list started with our favorite:

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