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Recipe: Cinnamon Chai Pudding

We had some friends over for a dinner this past weekend. Nothing too crazy, just good friends over for a casual dinner. We were all craving something different, so we decided on Indian for the menu.

We started off with carrot pakoras with cilantro chutney and a red onion chutney with goat cheese, followed with the main course of butter chicken with rice.

The question was - what should we do for dessert? While I’m a big fan of kheer, not everyone is. And mango-anything seemed rather cliche.

After throwing some ideas, we decided on a pudding flavored with cinnamon and chai spices. Although we make our own chai spice blend (that you’ll see below) you can also use a premade chai concentrate to flavor the pudding.

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How to Throw a Chinese New Year Party

Happy Year of the Pig!

If you know us well, you know that we get excited about Lunar New Year (also referred to as Chinese New Year by some folks). While there are a lot of traditions, mythology and rituals involved with Lunar New Year based on the culture that is celebrating it, we have been having a lot of fun exploring the Chinese aspect of celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday.

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The Origins of Brunch (And Why It's Important)

Brunch. That strange meal that is both exceedingly alluring and loathed at the same time.

It’s one that seems to be universally accepted across social divides and classes - something that everyone can seem to get behind.

It’s not hard to understand why. Who wouldn’t love alcoholic beverages, breakfast foods that are both solid enough to give you respite from the weekend’s activities but are not heavy enough to cause digestive distress? And more importantly a way to collect from the week and weekend and regroup before heading into the week.

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