Tradescantia (Wandering Jew)


First of all, I prefer the term Tradescantia to describe this plant, but many people still refer to the plant as ‘Wandering Jew’, which I am not quite comfortable using.

Tradescantias are one of our favorite houseplants for their hanging, long, trailing form as well as the rate in which they grow and quickly become a very full and lush plant. In particular, Tradescantia zebrina - so named for its striped foliage - is a particular favorite of ours.

An easy plant to grow, tradescantias need more moisture than cacti or succulents but are still pretty easy-going. With average soil and water needs and a little bit of regular fertilizer once a month, they will soon be crawling all over their pots and into your home if you let them.


LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Bright Indirect to Bright Direct Light

SOIL: Normal houseplant blend

WATERING: Top water or soak fully once a week



SIZE: Can get up to 36” long (trailing stems) or spread out to 24”