Ficus 'Burgundy'

Ficus ‘Burgundy’ with its glossy dark foliage

Ficus ‘Burgundy’ with its glossy dark foliage

This month we are highlighting easy, beautiful, fun houseplants for you to beautify your home and satisfy your plant growing needs. If you’re local to Albuquerque or New Mexico, you can find these houseplants and more at Spur Line Supply Co, located in the Sawmill District at 800 20th Street NW.

One of the easiest and most popular beginner houseplants around, the ficus are a very diverse group of houseplants.

Ficus ‘Burgundy’ is the most dramatic member of the ficus family with deep dark green, almost black leaves with a red underside. I like particularly when a leaf is just starting to grow in - the new growth is a brilliant carmine red that contrasts so well with the other dark leaves.

Ficus ‘Burgundy’ is a very easy ficus to take care of, requiring just the regular watering and maintenance. I like to use a damp washcloth or a plant leaf brush to clean its leaves of water spots and dust (which show up doubly so on dark foliage like Ficus ‘Burgundy’) - both because it helps it to look cleaner as well as helping to clear its stomata so it can respire better.


LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Bright Indirect to Bright Direct Light

SOIL: Normal houseplant blend

WATERING: Top water or soak fully once a week



SIZE: Can get up to 6’ tall, usually around 3-4’ in a pot