Aloe Vera

Known as a remedy for sunburn as well as its culinary values in a coconut-water-like beverage, aloe veras are an easy houseplant, doing well both indoors by a bright window as well as enjoying the summer outside. When growing outdoors, they grow pretty quickly - but you can grow them easily on a windowsill or in a sunny area of your home.

If aloe veras don’t get enough light, they’ll get long and leggy and can fall over in their pot. To keep them from doing this, keep them exposed to a bright light source so they stay short and compact.

Aloe veras are a succulent plant native to desert areas, so need well-draining soil. You can kill your aloe vera if you overwater it - the extra moisture in soil causes the aloe vera’s roots and center to rot, so make sure the soil dries out between waterings.


LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Bright Indirect to Bright Direct Light

SOIL: Normal houseplant blend

WATERING: Bottom water once a month - Twice a month in dry environments like New Mexico



SIZE: Can get up to 36” tall