Bringing Home New Items after the Marie Kondo Method

We’ve talked a lot about decluttering and it’s benefits to your life.

But one thing that we haven’t talked about is how decluttering and minimalism can actually help you welcome new items into your life.

It sounds crazy, I know. We’re all trying to toss out items that don’t spark joy right now and throw off the shackles of materialism, especially with the Marie Kondo Netflix series being so popular.

However, an often-missed anecdote in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is where Marie Kondo talks about her clients that have completed the decluttering process have fallen in love with their homes - and most importantly are bringing new items into their homes.

This is key. Marie Kondo isn’t tell you to live a minimalist or aesthetic lifestyle. Far from it, to be honest. She’s really just helping to recalibrate your compass when it comes to your possessions and purchases.

Once you have a vision of your home, have removed all the items that aren’t relevant or bring you joy, you are left with the items that you truly love and enjoy.

And when you have items that you truly love and enjoy, it’s not as if your home gets stuck in stasis and doesn’t change. Rather, you have a focused vision and goal for your home - and there will inevitably be other items that will come into it that fit in well with your vision.

While for some people it may be scary to think about bringing in new items - after all, you just spent a length of time throwing out or giving away items in your KonMari spree - it is with a fresh set of eyes and a new mindset that you are doing this moving forward.

You see, the KonMari method is all about creating what is essentially a blank canvas or the foundation for a beautiful and curated and meaningful and personal home. In the same sense that the Japanese put so much care and thoughtfulness into any task they themselves towards, so does the KonMari method encourage you to really get to know your house, the items in it, and all your possessions. Rather than just being cold material objects, they almost have a sort of spirit and personality that you come to know and greet.

That favorite sweater? It’s like an old friend, happy to see you and go out with you when you’re going out for the evening. You’ve shared many memories and gone through a lot together.

In the same sense, you’re also going to welcome new items into your life. You’ve been able to focus on the items that have brought you joy and are looking to find other items that will fit into your home and your life in a way that feels the same way.

Since we’ve decluttered for instance, we have decided to purchase new dishes. Despite being very happy with where our home was after the decluttering, it was not only time to purchase new dishes (given that our old dishes were getting dated and actually being discontinued which would make it hard to replace any damaged or lost items) but we knew exactly what type of dishes we would be adding to our home.

Receiving the new dishes, we are very happy with them. They spark joy in the way they look displayed and stacked in the cupboards, the way that I swear every single food item looks more delicious and beautiful when served in them, the way they feel, the way they handle, the weight of them in your hand - they truly do spark joy.

It’s important to realize that your home isn’t a static box in which you can finally reach an end point where your house is “perfect”. That’s not actually a state that you’ll reach, nor is it one that you should strive to achieve. After all, are you as a person ever static?

Do you ever think to yourself “I am absolutely perfect, and I don’t think I’m ever going to change or grow in the future?” Hopefully not.

In the same way, your home has reached what is most likely its most perfect state - for the time being.

It will eventually change . You will think of a better way to to display your possessions, find something new to bring in, or find that although your couch sparked joy twelve months ago that now it most certainly does not and needs to go. And that is absolutely okay.

Marie Kondo never intended for you to only declutter once, or that you had to decide on your home right after you got done decluttering. Rather, she wanted to teach you a way to declutter your home, but also to be conscientious about what is most important to you and give you the tools in order to maintain your current home as well as be able to recognize what else you should bring into your home and into your life.

The KonMari method is really less about folded t-shirts and decluttering kitchen drawers and organizing using the cardboard higadashi. These are all the cute things that are used to hook in the average person, but what the KonMari method really teaches you is the way to think about your home, your possessions, and yourself in a new way.

You’ll find yourself expanding this thinking to other parts of your life as well. Your relationships, your work, your hobbies, your friends and the people you hang out with and the things you pursue and think about. It truly is a very powerful way of thinking.

You will think about your home entirely different than when you started. And know and trust within yourself that you know now what is best for your home and that new items and additions will not be clutter or cause you to backslide - but will help you have a more beautiful, comfortable, warm home that is truly you and what your vision is for your home.