The Genie Exercise

Everyone knows of the legendary magical powers that genies have.

You know the drill. You rub the bottle, and out comes a magical genie (or djinn) in a cloud of smoke.

“What is your wish?” they would ask.

Spoiler alert: You get three wishes. Can’t bring back anyone from the dead, can’t wish for more wishes, but most everything else is fair game.

I know what I’d wish for: A birkin bag, flawless skin, and for Martha Stewart to be my bff.

Now imagine that you rubbed a dusty old vacuum cleaner and a genie also popped out.

“What is your wish for your home?” they would ask.

What would you wish for?

I’m not talking about a magical butler or to be able to transport your home to a beach anywhere in the world or a Starbucks that always has a fresh and hot pumpkin spice latte at the perfect temperature that has zero calories (but tastes like the full calorie version) ready for you (although that last one would be fabulous right about now).

I’m talking about a home that seems to magically keep itself clean?

Or what about a home that always looks like it belongs on Pinterest or in a home magazine?

Or a home that grants you productivity, happiness, healthiness and a great night’s sleep?

No magic genie, wands or little elves are required for this type of magic. There are a lot of things that you can do to help your home feel like you’re stepping into a magical realm of cleanliness and beauty.

It sounds too good to be true, which is what we also thought before we sorted and organized and streamlined our home. We thought that this idea that you could always maintain a clean and tidy home was beyond our ability, was beyond realistic.

Now, our home is always clean and tidy - and stays that way with only a minimal amount of effort from us.

If that genie had popped out of the vacuum cleaner today, I would have to think about it. I love our home the way it is so much already, that there isn’t a whole lot I would change. There’s a piece of artwork that still has to be framed that I have a spot for, and I want to touch up some paint in some areas. But beyond that, as my house and home, I’m pretty happy with it the way it is.

Maybe I might ask for that Starbucks with the perfect pumpkin spice latte?