The Kokoro Home

Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Kokoro Home! We are Steven and Kee-ju Hong-Elder.

The first thing you should know about us is that Kee-ju and I are notorious workaholics. We might be fulfilling millennial stereotypes by not only having careers, but also having side hustles - everything from taking silly selfies for an Instagram account to having a flower farm and floral design business to hand-dyeing silk ribbon. We are both . Sometimes we pull 20 hour days that leave us happy and fulfilled, but exhausted.

As creatives and small business owners, we were always struggling to run our business as well as doing all the other things that life requires like having a clean home and an organized life.

The Kokoro Home is all about having the clean, tidy, organized, beautiful and comfortable home of your dreams.

We had always dreamed of having a quiet, serene home that would allow us to relax and enjoy ourselves, and to recharge ourselves after running around all day long.

Let's just say that initially our home was anything but quiet and serene.

A home should be your castle, your retreat. It should be able to nurture you and allow you to be at ease. If you have piles of laundry, stacks of disorganized papers, clutter and never able to find things (screwdriver! my chapstick! my favorite belt!) there is no way that you, yourself will ever be at ease.

We believe that our homes reflect ourselves. Show me your home, and I can tell you all about yourself and your personal life.

We worked hard to find ways to improve our home and our life, and I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made in my own life. It's as if everything has finally come together, and I'm living a life that I had only dreamed of.

The Kokoro Home will be a way for us to share ways in which we have found the ability to live a rich, fulfilled and happy life - one that sparks joy, make our hearts flutter, and leaves us feeling satisfied and inspired.

We hope that we can also help you find a way to live your best life, to have the home of your dreams, and be happier, healthier, successful and fulfilled!