Being a Minimalist in a Maximalist World

Here’s the thing - we live in a maximalist world.

We live in the world of supersize, upgraded, extra options and filters and add-ons. We celebrate Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Veteran’s Day - with sales and purchases. We have huge homes, huge garages with pools and outdoor patios and fire pits. We think that bigger is better, or at least expensive is better, or that more or more crazy is better.

Even those of us who cherish experiences over things still are guilty of getting swept up into the maximalist lifestyle. It’s not enough to just travel, but you have to travel to the perfect spot and get the perfect selfie and eat at the trendiest restaurant and experience all the things.

What if instead of chasing those things or bigger and better, we chose… not to?

What if we chose a minimalist life?

It won’t be easy. You’ll find that people may get a bit uncomfortable around your… lifestyle.

Your choices to live with less.

Which is okay. But know that you will be different, and that not everyone will understand what you’re trying to do.

There may be some people who may be encouraging, but may unintentionally be critical of your attempts. These are usually people close to us - who are only trying to help - but may hinder us in our attempts to declutter or to reduce in your life.

“Won’t you miss that?”

“Oh don’t throw that out! That’s worth good money!”

“Aren’t you taking this decluttering thing a bit too seriously?”

Again, remember they are only coming from a good place. But know also that this is your minimalist journey, and yours alone - if they aren’t understanding or totally emphathetic, you must go on alone.

There may be some people who may be more vocal about their opposition to minimalism. They will not only be critical, they will declare that you’re doing the wrong thing and that you may even regret your choices.

“You’re getting rid of too much stuff.”

“I could never live like that, I value my things too much.”

These people are also coming from a good place. But usually they are also the ones quick to question your choices or to be critical of the things in your life. Sometimes out of love. Don’t mind them. Again, this is your choice and your home and your life - you will feel the effects both good and bad of your choices. And you’re able to do this. You are strong.

There may also be times when you feel like minimalism was maybe a wrong choice. Maybe there’s something wrong with you, or maybe you’re doubting your path, or having regret or fear of missing out.

That’s okay. That’s normal.

But you have to remember to keep your focus on living a minimalist life.

Remember what it was like before you were a minimalist? Do you remember how your life was different? And maybe not necessarily for the better?

It can help to compare yourself to where you were at the start of your journey - before you became a minimalist and understanding just how far you’ve come.

That will help you to understand where you’re at. Put things in perspective.

It’s not easy being a minimalist in a maximalist world - you’re constantly feeling like you’re doing something wrong, or at least something every different.

In fact, I think that most of us minimalists tend to feel like that at one point or another.

Just know that you’re not alone.

Keep on keeping on, minimalist.