Minimalism is a Journey - Not a Destination

Back when I started minimalism, I had my eye set on a goal. At the time, I was dead set on it - having a spotless,  completely clean home with nothing dirty or broken or cheap looking in it. I would walk outside and listen to the birds chirp and smile as the sun shone on my face. I would also have a perfect hair day, find the perfect spot in the coffee shop to sit, and a small baby would laugh and chortle at the sight of me.

I’ll be honest - only a few of those things actually happened (the baby did laugh and chortle, but I’m not sure if it was the sight of my face or if it was gas). 

But along the way, I realized something - I was growing. Changing and evolving as I moved further into minimalism. 

Those of you further along in the journey can confirm that minimalism changes you. It’s not something that happens all at once - but slowly and surely you learn things here and there.

Things like learning about your relationship with physical objects (relationships you didn’t even know you had - like the one with your toilet brush!)

The amount of things in your home that you didn’t even remember bringing into your house. 

Your apparent obsession with reusable bags from Trader Joe’s that you never reuse.

Your addiction to all things Target.

And suddenly you realize that you have changed. Somewhere along the way, you have become a different person. 

Your priorities have shifted and changed. The way you think about things has changed as well. Your focus is different, your way of thinking is different. 

But none of this could have occurred without the journey. Without encountering each and every challenge and decision along the way. Growth doesn’t occur overnight - rather it occurs slowly, almost imperceptibly so. 

What I have learned is that even despite my impatience as a beginner, as just starting out, life has taught me that it’s a journey. It’s actually all about the journey, and we are supposed to experience it.

The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all part of the experience.

We’ll make mistakes. Things that we thought were truths are suddenly totally wrong. We have to reverse the way we think, and then double back down on our original thoughts again.

It’s uncomfortable.

But if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, you’re not learning. Again, it’s about the journey, and the only way to start off on the journey is agreeing and understanding that it is not all guarantees, not always safe, and not always sunshine and rainbows.

And it’s not about the end goal in sight.

While it’s good to have some broad goals, it’s also important to not focus so much on the end point. You’re supposed to be on this journey, and even though you may be far from the end point of it (or at least where you think you’re supposed to end up) you have come so far. 

Where are you at your point of the journey?