Weekend Link Love

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re getting geared up for the week, having gone out for a nice mid-day walk and getting a cup of coffee. This week is going to be our first quiet week in months - we’re usually going a million miles a minute, but we’ve finally succeeded at directing ourselves to live a bit more intentionally and make a bit more breathing room in our lives.

We have some great links for you this week - everything from capsule wardrobes to emotional decluttering to minimalist kitchens!

  • This great article of ‘How to Become a Minimalist in 8 Steps’ by Yaz of The Wallet Moth is an excellent primer for getting started with minimalism. Key concepts: Take it slow, create a system, divide and conquer, and be intentional. Also, Yaz is also living the life, having quit her full-time job to become a freelance writer who flies all over the world.

  • We’re really feel the chill and damp of fall. The days are getting darker and shorter, and we know that winter is just a few weeks away. Which is where Hygge comes in.Despite sounding like a strange contemporary piece of furniture you would find at IKEA, the concept of Hygge was suggested to us by a friend especially given that we’re heading into winter soon. This post by blogger Jennifer Rizzo explains it in a great and easily understood way. After reading it, I might daresay that we’re excited for winter to come! Which is a first.

  • This is a great post by Lunanimafox on emotional decluttering - which is something we don’t talk about all the time when it comes to decluttering. A funny thing happens when you physically declutter - you emotionally declutter as well with the same mindset. I particularly like the part about getting rid of toxic relationships.

Hope you found these articles as useful as we have. Have a great week everyone and stay warm (especially you folks in the Midwest - sorry about the snow!!)

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