10 Tips for Decluttering your Kitchen

In our house, the kitchen is probably one of the areas that we spend the most time in. Whether we’re cooking or drinking coffee or baking or putting away groceries, it’s a very high traffic area, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important for it to be decluttered.

When your kitchen is decluttered, it makes life easier. Cooking dinner, doing dishes and keeping it clean is less of a hassle, and it provides more space for you to work without having to bump into things or rifle through drawers.

Having just decluttered our kitchen, here are some things that we discovered that are both easy and powerful ways of making your kitchen a tidy and organized place.

10. Throw away old spices

Most dried spices actually have a very short shelf life, losing both their taste and nutrition after a while - even quicker if they are exposed to light. If you haven’t used it in a year, pitch it and get fresh herbs.

9. Clean out your freezer by date

We all have those “mystery” containers hidden in the back of the freezer. Now’s the time to get in there and dig out those bundles of joy.  Determine what you’re going to make from it and cook it within the week. And if you can’t figure out if the item is animal, vegetable or mineral - get rid of it.

8.Get rid of any partial sets of dishware

I used to have a collection of random plates and mugs and bowls from a whole bunch of dishware sets. Some had broken, some I had inherited from other people, some had been purchased on their own. None of them went together - I got rid of them and decided on a uniform set.

7. Get rid of multiples that you don’t need

Somehow I ended up with five wine corkscrews despite not even drinking wine. That’s a lot of corkscrews for someone that doesn’t drink. I got rid of all except my favorite one to use when company comes over. Go through your items and find the items you have multiples of.

6. Get rid of free and disposable items

Nobody needs to keep a stack of napkins from Taco Bell and the plastic forks from Chipotle and ketchup packets from McDonalds unless you’re really really cheap. Get nice napkins, a set of silverware and a bottle of ketchup - you’ll thank me for how much tidier your kitchen will look as a result.

5. Throw away cracked, chipped, dirty dishes and glassware

You know who you are. First of all, chipped or cracked glassware is a serious hazard for anyone who might drink out of it. And if you don’t take care of it now,  it’ll probably happen to someone you definitely do not want to have a glass break on. Chipped and fractured dishes can scratch up porcelain and hard surfaces as well as cut you when cleaning them. Now’s the time to get rid of them.

4. Mismatched coffee mugs are only cute to a point

If coffee mugs are truly your thing, then go for it. Otherwise, try to get rid of all except for a few nicer coffee mugs - preferably without writing or Disney characters or holiday symbols on them.

3. Determine how many pots and pans you actually need.

On a weekly basis, determine how many pots and pans you actually use. Chances are, you’re going to be probably only using a couple. If you have the whole set out, you can remove the ones you don’t use regularly. This will also make it so that you don’t have to shuffle through all the sizes of pots and pans to get to the one you usually use. If you’re really daring, you can minimize down to a capsule kitchen set like we do to truly declutter and minimize your kitchen.

2. Mount a magnetic knife strip on your wall

I hate knife blocks because they take up too much counter space. I also hate knives loose in drawers - aside from being a hazard, they get dulled by banging around when opening and closing the drawer. I love the magnetic knife strips for their ability to keep the knives up and out of the way and displaying them in a nice and neat manner.

1. Remove non-kitchen things from the kitchen

I understand if you have some things in the kitchen that just make more sense there. For instance, we store some of our Japanese ceramics and a drawer for floral snips and flower frogs and a brush for cleaning vases since we do a lot floral arranging in the kitchen. But they’re not scattered all over - they are kept to one drawer and cabinet. If you have mail, books, a junk drawer, medications, pet supplies and craft supplies all stored in the kitchen, it’s going to be hard to keep it organized and decluttered. Try to take everything out and see how you like it - you’ll probably want to keep it that way.

We hope that these tips help you declutter your kitchen! The more decluttered your kitchen is, the easier your life in the kitchen will be. Let me know how they work for you, or if you have any tips for decluttering your kitchen.