A Minimalist October and Halloween

We used to decorate the CRAP out of our home for Halloween - think Martha Stewart going nuts in a very small home.

But this past year, we looked at the buckets of plastic pumpkins, paper mache cats and skeletons and rethought our decorating. I mean, they’re fun, and they help you get into the mood, and Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year.

But at the same time, there was just so much stuff. So many things to think about and to put up and then to take down and put away and store. Not to mention that while they were up, we’d have to ensure that they were also kept clean, and that we would have to ensure they didn’t linger into November too long and make things weird, and to keep the dogs away from them (especially while Paddington our Great Dane was younger - he LOVED grabbing onto Halloween decorations)

This year, we have opted to decorate less. By less, I’m meaning fewer items - no less impactful, but just appreciating the beauty of a focused approach to beauty in the home.


For instance, we love pumpkins. We’re not trying to recreate a pumpkin patch, but a few pumpkins and seasonal gourds scattered around our home on both the inside and outside is just the perfect seasonal accent that we need.

We also are using dried materials we have been saving to create dried arrangements that echo the golden, bronzed beauty of autumn. Dried grasses especially - I love the way that the big plumes and panicles make such a big splash this time of year.


My ikebana are also changing too. As the season changes, so does our materials. We still are using dahlias, but I’m also starting to use more chrysanthemums - the ultimate fall flower. I can’t wait until things like liquid amber branches and rose hips start becoming available - then it really starts feeling like fall.


These items will last a good two months, all the way through the end of November, and when we are finished with them we can thank them for the beauty and joy they have provided us and then either compost them or (in the case of the pumpkins) chop them up and leave them for the wildlife to enjoy. No mess, no clutter, and certainly nothing we have to store - it all returns back to the earth.


Lastly, a few throw pillows really help to finish off the home and give it a warm and inviting feel. I want people to feel like they want to sit down for a cup of tea and a slice of pumpkin bread and talk about how wonderful the fall weather is (which is totally what I do in aforementioned living room with the throw pillows, so I must be doing something right!)

How are you decorating for October and Halloween? Have you made the move towards more natural materials? What speaks to you as far as fall?

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